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Addicted To The Climb podcast with Kelley Tyan

Mar 20, 2023

Hey Friend!

I am fired up for you today because if you are feeling stuck or need someone to ignite the fire in you, this episode is for you!

As a faith fueled mentor to many women, I am constantly searching for ways to elevate my own mind, feed my soul, and provide you with all the faith filled tools that work for...

Mar 13, 2023

Hey friend!

What do you do when you face problems in life?  Who do you turn to for help and encouragement?  

Whether you are a seeking to ignite your faith, or you have a seasoned relationship with God, this conversation will inspire you in your faith walk. 

My friend Miranda VonFricken and I did a Linkedin live...

Mar 6, 2023

Hi Friend!

Lean into today's conversation where I brought on one of my students, Lisa McConnell who went from devastated and broken to living a fulfilling, faith fueled life!

Lisa is sharing her story and explains why having a faith based community to lean on, can change everything for you!  Listen in as we share why...

Feb 27, 2023

Hey friend!

Whenever you think your problems are too big or too much, I want to encourage you through this episode, to turn to prayer.  I am not talking about a one way quick request to God then going back to your pain, I am talking about real PRAYER, and I am sharing why it is so important to help you thrive in life....

Feb 20, 2023

Hey Friend!

This is a story of what is possible if you are willing to step out in faith.  My guest today, Sara Schulting Kranz, has done just that and lives a bold life doing what she loves, while taking others with her.  

Sara is a sought after teacher, keynote speaker, and retreat organizer, who shares her real life...